Agency-quality graphic design
with a personalized approach.

Welcome! My name is Alyssa Ostroff, and I offer graphic design and web design services at agency level quality but with the care and attention only a personal designer can provide. I created the ninefivefour to help businesses get the best products and the best experience while serving as their own personal graphic designer.

it can be hard to find great graphic design.

You may be getting subpar work that doesn't quite meet your needs.

poor engagement

Your marketing just isn't resonating with your audience, and it's possible its missing the mark. You need a skilled graphic designer to take lead.

low ROI

You're throwing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on graphic design but you're unable to see enough return on investment to justify the cost.

low clickthrough rate

When people visit your website, you find they bounce quickly. This can signal a need to revamp your website design and streamline content for best user experience.

stop wasting money and losing business.

Bad graphic design can lose you business. Unfortunately, we do judge books by their covers, and a great first impression is everything. If you're spending money on subpar graphic design, you could be hurting your bottom line. You need a strategy in place, and great design and messaging can boost engagement and win sales. I offer a variety of services to earn you a higher ROI and propel your business forward while you receive peace of mind working with your own personal graphic designer (me) for a high quality product that's sure to exceed expectations.


graphic design

killer artwork catches the eye


brand identity

make a strong impression


web design

maximize conversions


strategic messaging

clear and concise is best

be part of the success story.

It can be overwhelming being a client handled by a large agency. It's especially hard to feel you are receiving personalized care when there are so many moving parts and you talk to a different person each time. That's why it's especially important you have a graphic designer that can devote 100% of their time to overseeing your company's design needs.

I give you and your company one on one, personalized attention. You will never be out of the loop, and you'll rest easy knowing you are top priority.

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projects completed


emails received daily


lines of code


happy clients

producing real work with real results.

It's hard not to have favorites, but there are a few projects which I most enjoyed working on.

Teen Impact Awards


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Sugar Ridge Resort Wellness Packet


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Chef Uniforms


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City of Sunrise Banners


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Large Group Fittings for UA


view project

Rio's Place


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3 easy steps to get your business seen:

1. you request a quote

I am eager to provide your brand with a free quote based on your unique needs. Following this, I will send you a proposal to review before we get started.

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2.  a discovery call is set up

You've replied to my follow up email that you were interested in working together, and you've reviewed the proposed plan to streamline your business. At your convenience, I then follow up to schedule an initial call to gather more details about your project and set everything in motion.

3. I get to work

Now that you've given me the green light, I research more about your industry and key marketplace trends before creating internal briefs. Then I get to designing, writing, strategizing and coding to help your brand break through the clutter to be seen and achieve lasting results.

be part of over one hundred satisfied clients.

"Fast delivery, excellent communication, and they executed on our vision even better than we could have imagined. Would jump at the chance to work with her again. 10/10!!"

Max Kam,
Infographics and Business Card

"Not only did Alyssa blow me away with her art, but she was present and open to change things around. In the end we finished way ahead of schedule and I am 150% satisfied with my logo!"

Kathy Rodriguez, Kathy’s Tutoring

"Alyssa is OUTSTANDING!  If you value a designer who is timely, has attention to detail and is pleasant to work with, she is your designer!  I am VERY pleased and will be hiring her again!"

Candido Ramirez, MoraleFund, LLC
Custom Illustration

"Hiring again immediately."

Ryan Gielen, Believe Unlimited
Awards Night Collateral for TIA

"She is the ideal contractor. She is highly skilled and positive! She has an overwhelming sense of creativity that is second to none. Alyssa Ostroff is very small business friendly and will be my first go-to for graphics as my company grows."

Jessica Wallace, Startup Company
Logo and Pitch Deck

helping the sun shine down upon you.

At the ninefivefour, I know your business has the potential to thrive in this market. I know you can become top of mind easily with just a few modifications. But in order to really boost sales and grow your business, you need to break through the clutter and get seen by your customer.

I understand how frustrating it is to be throwing hundreds of dollars on graphic design and web design only to have your design and site performance fall short. There are many factors at play here. It could be that your marketing materials or ads aren't being shown to the right audience, the messaging or design is off and turning people away, or your customer may not even be seeing your ads or materials at all.
I take an in-depth dive into your brand’s messaging, identity, design, website, marketing collateral and social ads to see where there are ways to improve. I know it’s overwhelming for small to medium-sized businesses when sales are down. I believe businesses like yours are the backbone of our society and that small businesses are what keeps our economy strong. Small business owners shouldn't have to struggle to place food on the table. Your business matters. I see you. And I help others see you, too. 

I know small businesses like yours are struggling to be thrive in corporate America. And with a marketplace heavily oversaturated with ads that constantly compete for your customer’s attention, it can seem overwhelming and hopeless to get your ad seen and engaged with by your customers. This is why at the ninefivefour I do a deep dive excursion into your business, branding and messaging to develop a digital strategy to convey clear, consistent messaging with strong visuals to the right audiences.

The process is very straight-forward. The first step is to request your free custom proposal. You take 5 minutes to fill out my interactive form and then I explore deeper and generate a proposed plan to meet your business needs.

Once you submit, you just sit back and wait for my response. I will send our proposal to you within 2 business days. After you and your team have had a chance to review, you ‘ll follow up using the link I provided in the email to let me know you’re interested in working together. I will call you that week to set up an initial discovery call. This allows me to ask more in-depth questions about your business’s needs and lets you get all your questions and concerns addressed quickly and easily.

Lastly, I send over a work agreement and get started on building you a better, stronger brand strategy to reach your audience and boost sales.

Increasing business profits allows you to scale bigger and ensure a comfortable and stable life for you and your family.
So, stop spending money on graphic design that simply isn't cutting it. Let me increase your business profits and boost your ROI. All it takes is one click.

get a free proposal custom-designed for your project needs.

Look anywhere and you will find the power of design in all forms that transports you to a place of new ideas, inspiration, meaning and discovery. Ready to take that journey with me?

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