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Brand Building Blocks: Your Brand on Social Media

It’s hard to imagine a life where social media didn’t exist.

Today, people spend hours scouring the internet, searching products and services and using platforms like Instagram and Facebook as a key component of learning more about your brand.

According to SmartInsights, the average social media user spends over two hours a day on a variety of social media platforms.

It’s one of the biggest resources to take advantage of. And, if used correctly, has the potential to attract a following that can take on alife of its own. Step by step, we break down the essential ingredients to whip up the perfect concoction for branding your business.


Identify Your Purpose

What is your brand trying to achieve with an online presence? Whether it’s increasing product sales, informing potential customers about a weekly special or driving traffic to your website, think of the words that come to your mind when chatting to a friend or neighbor about your business to spark who you are as a brand.

Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Who are you trying to attract your business towards? New moms? New graduates? First-time home buyers? By segmenting your audience, it’ll end itself to the type of content needed and help you identify your tone, voice and language.

Create Curated Content

Standout from the competition by cultivating meaningful content that represents your brand across all social media platforms. Creating cohesive branding will allow users (and potential employees) to better understand who you are and form brand awareness.

Understand the Platforms

Each social media platform serves a different purpose. For instance, Instagram is built primarily as a visual landscape to bring out your brand personality through photos and videos with the use of hashtags.Twitter is known for quick snippets of content and news updates.

Connect with Customers

Engaging with your audience allows your followers to have their voices heard. It could be a rave review or a complaint, but equally important to interact with all of your customers to create a level of authenticity.

Continue Evolving

It’s evident that social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. New platforms, such as the short-video craze known as TikTok, is the latest example of the growing evolution of trending social media platforms, and the limitless opportunities to let your brand thrive and evolve, just as social media continues to do so.

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I'm Alyssa Ostroff— a designer and marketer who works with startups looking to push creative boundaries.