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3 Tips for Branding Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Embrace Empathy

There are endless ways to keep your business relevant and in the minds of the public but practicing understanding and empathizing with consumers is important to show your business understands that everyone in struggling in some way during this time. It could be financially or emotionally.

Reach out to your consumer base to let them know they’re not alone, and then position yourself by offering them something of value in return. Many businesses are offering free delivery or discounted rates as a way to give consumers incentive to use their products and services but also as away to say to show they see how hard this situation is and provide some sense of relief.

Recently, our client Sugar Ridge Resort was trying to find a way to advertise their services and stay connected during these socially distant times. We were able to create a 12-page digital wellness packet for them to send out to their base as a way to stay relevant in the minds of the public and offer value in the form of activities, journals, recipes, and relaxation methods.


Utilize Social Media

Pandemic aside, social media should be a resource your business embraces to interact with your audience. Due to the closures of businesses and removal of face-to-face contact, though, staying connected to your target market is more critical now than ever.

Social media is a way your business can provide updates on any pertinent business information, such as virtual storefronts, changes in hours, services offered and more. It’s a channel for two-way communication so you can address any concerns and pain points and get instant feedback on how your business can better serve your audience’s needs during the pandemic.

With the closures of businesses and the new trend of a remote workforce, social media has seen a spike in its overall engagement. SproutSocial conducted a new report at the end of April monitoring when social media engagement was at its highest and presented findings on the best times to post.

Here is a breakdown of the best times to post on social for the highest engagement level:

·     Facebook: MWF, 10am – 11am

·     Instagram: MTuF, 11am and Tu at 2pm

·     Twitter: F from 7am – 10am

·     LinkedIn: W at 3pm, Th from 9am – 10am, F from 11am – 12pm

These are general guidelines for businesses, but with everything, each industry and business is different. We encourage you to test, test, test. Look at your analytics and trends of your existing posts. When do you see the most engagement? Sprout Social’s findings are great guidelines, but every brand is unique, and what works for one may not work for all.

Make Your Audience Smile

Focus on what you are able to provide to consumers as a business. Think about what your business can do to provide relief or joy during this unsettling time. Disney has been able to release some of its content early on its streaming platform Disney+ with Onward and Frozen 2 to give some happiness to viewers and relief to stressed out parents who are dealing with working remotely while being teacher and babysitter to their children. Something as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face can make all the difference. 

Brainstorm ways your business can make your consumers lives easier and then do it. At the ninefivefour, we specialize in creating digital content and designs and would be happy to assist your business during this challenging time.

Overall, the current climate is in flux. New information and changes are coming out every day. Stay informed and then keep your audience up to date on any changes to your services. Keep your brand engaged with your consumers with social media, show you care through empathetic messaging and focus on adding joy by delighting your audience through offers, products and services your business can provide.

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