Chef Uniforms

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Branding T-shirt Artwork

One of my favorite challenges was designing multiple illustrations for the online retailer

Initial Discovery Phase

I started this design project with in-depth research into the target audience we were designing for. In this case, it was professional, industry-level chefs. My research showed an affinity for edgy imagery (think skulls and knives), an appreciation for kitchen tools like cutlery and cookware, and a love of all things tattooed.

Sketching Phase

Using this information, I initiated the sketching phase and fleshed out a bunch of illustrations and typographic heavy designs.

Typographic design sketches for "I See Fed People" and "This Chef Is a Whisk Taker."

Initial sketch for skull design and a more fleshed out design for "This Chef Is a Whisk Taker."

Illustration progression for "Chef Salad" design.

Final Art

Once the sketching process was finalized, I moved onto the best part - digitally rendering our creations. Below are the final designs for
The "Chef Salad" design was my second favorite design I created. It involved combining many different elements from the kitchen and them fridge and weaving them together to form a design reminiscent of a tattoo.
This design ended up becoming a top seller year after year and is still highly profitable today. The only design to outsell it was our "Mad Skull" design.

I was commissioned to do another piece for Día de Muertos and thought a play on the traditional sugar skull would fit in nicely with the collection.

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