MCNA Kids Zone

MCNA Dental
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Reimagined Kids Zone for MCNA Dental

MCNA Dental is a dental insurance company that offers services to kids aged 0-18 years. They had an existing site geared towards kids, but they were looking to take their Kids Zone to the level.

When we discussed an overall theme, they loved the idea of a dental-inspired theme park. After bouncing a few concepts around, they ultimately loved the theme park idea most, but I went a step further and introduced the idea of an underwater park with friendly ocean mascots. It was a go.

Some kid friendly concepts that were scrapped early on.

MCNA Kids Zone mascots

From there I did some pretty rough sketching and got to work on iterations of what would become MCNA Dental's brand new Kids Zone.

My idea was to have three sections to house some of their pre-existing content. I would create these "islands" and pair them up with mascots to guide them through the site.

They went through character development along the way, but these are the final mascots.

MCNA Dental wanted customized games with an emphasis on educational content, as well as a few games just for fun. We came up with "Plaque-Man," an interactive coloring book game, a fully illustrated puzzle activity, a word scramble, and word guessing game.

In addition to these games, I created some additional content for their library page. The final pages are below.

Main home page design

Header image for the Library page

Games section header image

The entry page for the Videos section

When you select a movie to play from the previous Box Office page, users are taken to this theater page where the video plays in the screen.

Flyer crated for MCNA Dental to hand out at events and dental offices to promote their new Kids Zone website

We made eye-catching and colorful banners for the parent site MCNA Dental to use to promote their new Kids Zone.

Puzzle Mania game created for MCNA Kids Zone website

Word Search fully illustrated and created for MCNA Kids Zone website

Plaque-Man Video Game

Check out the live site at

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