Large Group Fittings for UA

Uniform Advantage
Release Date:
December 7, 2020

Large Group Fittings Available at Uniform Advantage

Uniform Advantage is a leading retailer providing quality and uniquely designed scrubs for nurses and medical staff. They came to me wanting collateral to market their customized large group fitting options that they provided to hospitals and office staff to create unified and custom solutions for staff uniform scrubs. I created several different concepts for UA to utilize to display in their in-store fitting rooms, as well as a brochure for customers to take with them for more information.

Sketch of staff unhappy in their boring, everyday scrubs.

Sketching breathes life into the best designs.

As with all my work, I began with a series of sketches to plan out my design work and streamline the vectoring process.
Sketch of UA staff measuring customer for accurate fitting assessment.

I spent time researching different design styles and discussed going in a few directions, whether Uniform Advantage preferred using real models and imagery versus illustrations to show the process. After I presented a couple mockups, UA loved my sketches, and I got the green light to start bringing the illustrations to life.

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